Pre School
Our Syllabus comprises of :

A comprehensive language proficiency program for multi linguistic development that include the:
1. English language and reading through the phonic
   and whole word approach,
2. Arabic language as the first language of the Muslims
3. Bahasa Malaysia and reading

Aspiritual-centered personality development program to develop good akhlaq and strong Islamic foundation that include:
4. Islamic Studies,
5. Quranic Studies,
6. Hafazan of the Quran, and
7. Practical Life in the fundamentals of prayers, zikir
   and doa as a way of life.

To instill a strong spirit of inquiry through the study of:
8. Mathematics as a systematic and logical exercise
   of the mind in order to do problem solving,
9. Science as an art to explore and understand the
   laws of Allah, and
10. Computer Studies as a tool to acquire knowledge.

The humanities subjects that include:
11.Art & Craft as exposure to the finer things in life,
12.Physical Education.

Medium of Instruction:

The main medium of instruction in the school is the English language. The use of English is seen a strategy and tool towards seeking knowledge through an early positive exposure in a primarily English speaking environment.

The Arabic language is also made a priority so as to nurture the love for the language of the Quran and Paradise of Allah.

We also focus on the enrichment of Bahasa Malaysia as our National language and as a language of the academics and heritage.


Methodology :

Using creative, innovative and interactive techniques and approaches.

Adopting instructional, experimental, immersion and critical and creative thinking as educational tools.

Applying the concept of Reading, Writing and Arithmetic as the foundations to learning.

Using the collaborative approach to encourage collective learning through the spirit of brotherhood (ukhuwah) and teamwork (jemaah).

Extension program that includes outside-of-classroom learning activities to provide exciting and colorful learning experiences.

Technology aided tools and techniques. Learning is made to be fun and easy.

Small student to teacher ratio of 20 : 1

The concept of Tarbiyyah as the main philosophy of education where it’s characteristics include:
1.Faith based
6.Firm yet Flexible

Spiritually Centered Development

With love and care, we hope to develop in our children.

A strong faith and love for Allah,

The love for the desire to exemplify the character of our Prophet,

The love for performing their daily solat, The ability to read the Quran.

The verses of the Quran to be engrained in their hearts and minds,

To know and love the hadith of our Prophet and his companions,

And the concept of ad Deen, that is Islam as a way of life.

What we offer:
1. Classrooms: Spacious, fully air conditioned, parquet flooring and comfortable for learning
2. Cafeteria: 2 times daily healthy and well-balanced meal. Snacks provided.
3. Musollah: The heart of the school where congregational prayers are enjoined for Duha and Zuhur.
4. Computer Lab: Fully equipped and internet-ready. Computer aided instruction used as a tool for multi media
5. Close Circuit Television System: Fully equipped to facilitate the monitoring process of students’ development
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School Hours

  • A one stop education center for your children that starts punctually at 8.00 am till 1.30 pm.


  • No amount of money can commensurate the care and love given by a mother to her child. In this spirit, we firmly believe that the fees extended are acts of contributions from parents towards achieving a noble cause of rebuilding the next Quranic generation

Co Curriculum

In order to develop a wholistic individual that excels in all aspects, our co curriculum program is an integral part of our integrated education in IIS. These include:
- Martial Arts
– Karate/Tae Kwan Do
- Swimming